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last update: 20-05-2020
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The Peter Cerny Foundation announces a competition entitled "Everyday Champions"

The main purpose of "Everyday Champions" program is to raise awareness among the affected families, friends and supporters that there are prospects for future success and healthy life for prematurely or sick newborn babies!
By the good examples we want to provide encouragement for those parents, who might now struggle with doubts, whose prematurely born children have received emergency or intensive neonatal care in recent years.
We are looking for applicants who as prematurely born child had received emergency or intensive neonatal care by Peter Cerny Ambulance or by any other Neonatal Intensive Care Units in Hungary. Their success in life can be a proof for those parents struggle now with doubts or even they can serve as role models for a wider community.
You can find further information and the application form on the site

Annual report of the Peter Cerny Foundation for curing sick babies

Prematurity rate in Hungary has not changed for years. It is appr. 8 per cent, that is, one out of twelve mothers gives birth to a low birthweight or preterm baby. Due to the low birthweight (often less than 1,000 grams) these newborn babies require very special treatment. The slightest error in their resuscitation and medical care might lead to irreversible changes. The Peter Cerny Foundation has done its best to contribute to the improvement of care for preterm and term infants. From the outset the four main activities of our Foundation are as follows:
  • Resuscitation of newborn babies in the delivery room.
  • Transporting prematures and term newborns from 90 referring hospitals to specialized neonatal intensive care units.
  • Supporting all fields of the Neonatal Intensive Care with medical equipment, skilled personnel, know-how, etc.
  • Organizing follow up and contributing to the training of the care providers.
The Peter Cerny Neonatal Emergency Ambulance Service has been working since June 1989. It operates in Budapest and a surrounding region of 130 - 140 kms inhabited by more than 4.5 million people. Its 24-7 service transported a total of 83.459 babies over the 21 years of its operation. Based on the number of patients the Cerny Ambulance is one of the greatest of its kind all over the world. To avoid the life-threatening respiratory problems, mechanical ventilation was performed in 17.616 cases. The number of resuscitated children has raised to 1.430 this year.
The perinatal mortality rate decreased to 12 per thousand in the supported area.



Receive the ISO 9001 certificate on 11.07.2014. from Certop Ltd.

Updated Report

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